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  • Unity sand ceremony on the beach featuring colored sand


Girl filling sand art bottles with colored sand Girl building sand castle with sculpting sand Boy playing with play sand in his sandbox

Sand Art Party Kits

Party and classroom kits with vibrant, sparkling colored sand. Everything from essential primary and full spectrum sand color kits to sand art bottles to designer peel 'n stick sand art boards.


Colored Sculpting Sand

Sculpting fun with colored sand. No water required to shape and compact these sandy granules.  Available in blue, red, yellow, and white colored sand.  Ready to sculpt right out the package.


Child-safe Play Sand

Available in moldable fine white sand and coarse therapy play sand.  Contains no harmful substances or allergens.  Simply the safest play sand on the market.


Sand art bottles and lids Fine colored sand for wedding decor and unity sand ceremonies play therapy sandtrays and handcrafted wood furniture

Sand Art Bottles & Lids

Sand art bottles in clear plastic and lids all in variety of shapes smallest for the littlest of hands to hold. Team these with colored sand for some party fun!



Colored Sand

Just about every sparkling sand color under the sun available in open stock. The designer's choice for unity sand ceremony, centerpieces, home decor, and floral arrangements. 


Sand Trays & Tables

Durable, handcrafted therapy sand trays and senory tables for indoor home & office applications.